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Hiking In the Chiricahuas

George Walker House
The George Walker House is within ten miles (one hour driving time) to over twenty trailheads.  The forest service roads connecting routes are minimally maintained dirt roads.  Currently most roads are passable to all except very low clearance vehicles.

Rustler and Barfoot Parks
Rustler and Barfoot parks offer several main trails with secondary trails branching off to scenic locations.  There are approximately fifteen routes in the area.  You can hike from Rustler to Barfoot.  From the Crest Trail you can hike to Centella Point, around Flys Peak and Chiricahua Peak.

Cave Creek
Cave Creek offers the Silver Peak Trail and two Southfork Trails.  Silver Peak is one of the most difficult trails in the area.  Southfork progresses from easy to difficult depending how far you hike.

Herb Martyr
Herb Martyr Campground offers trails to Ash Springs, Cima Cabin Spring and Winn Falls.  
At 365-feet Winn falls is one of Arizona's tallest cascades.

Silver Peak Trail #280
Is a strenuous climb of 3,000 feet over 4.6 miles one way to the 7,975-foot summit.  
The trailhead is in Cave Creek Canyon, just upcanyon from the information center.
Bring a hat and lots of water—there's little shade—and avoid the trail if thunderstorms threaten.  
There is a log book at the top.  Most hikers only sign their name once.  I think it has something
to do with the same rational that created the Japanese proverb: "A wise man only climbs Mt. Fuji once."

Most trails in the Chiricahuas are moderate to difficult and range from 3/8 mile to 7 1/2 miles long.  
Trails cleared summer 2000 are the Crest, Greenhouse, Basin, Snowshed, Ida Peak, Shaw Peak,
Southfork to Maple Camp, Southfork to Burro and Silver Peak.  Prior to your trip it is recommended
 that you call the Portal Ranger Station at (520)558-2221 or the Douglas Ranger Station at (520)364-3468
 for information prior to your hike.  You will need to leave a message and have them return your call - please plan accordingly.


There is a current trail map available for purchase at the Portal Store.
 "Trails of Southeastern Arizona" offers maps and information but may not be up to date.