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Snap Traps In Her Hand

. . . sung to the tune of “Big Iron". . .with my apologies to Marty Robbins. . .

Into the Walker hacienda strode a woman with dark hair.
Didn’t speak to birders on the porch, she was headed for the lair.
Not one mouse showed a face, not one tail was seen
for the woman striding there had snap traps in her hand.

Snap traps in her hand

It was late in the evening when strode into the house.
She stepped across in the back door, slowly lookin’ all around
She’s a killer, clear and focused were the whispers in the walls
And she’s here to kill us all with the snap traps in her hand

Snap traps in her hand

In this house visitors from ‘round the world came and stayed
Many folks had never seen a mouse, yet gnawing had been heard
There were’nt many, but a few did scramble cross the floor
From a litter in a drawer

From a litter in a drawer

Now the woman started baiting traps and placed them all around
She headed to her little house so not to hear the sound
But she made it clear she was comin’ back to collect the dead
And it didn’t matter, she wanted the mice all dead

The mice all dead

It wasn’t long before the bait was smelling good
And the mice didn’t worry, bait had been licked before
Twenty nights she tried to trap them and twenty nights they slipped on by
Twenty one, she would trap them all with the snap traps in her hand

Snap traps in her hand

The night passed quickly and it was time for her to see
It was five past eight when she strode across door
The walls were silent, not a scratch or scramble across the hearth.
The walls knew the mice had met their deaths

The mice had met their deaths

There were fourteen traps all around her when stopped to offer prayer
The compassion of the woman is still talked about today
For though the traps were full and all the mice were dead
Tears streamed down her face for all the little deaths

For all the little deaths

It took not to long to gather all the traps and head out to the grounds
She placed the bodies were the foxes gathered ‘round
The mice might have gone on living, but they made a fatal plan
When they tried to match the woman with the snap traps in her hand

Snap traps in her hand

Words by Winston Lewis