New Year's Day, 2004 Notes and Pictures
Cold, Wet, and Snow!
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We sojourned to Paradise 29 Dec - 1 Jan.  We arrived at the Walker House after three nights of temperatures in the single digits (6, 7, and 8 degrees F), to find our water pipes in the ground frozen.  After two days with no water,  Winston accepted the use of a shower at a local Rancher/Realtor friend  in payment for setting up a computer.  After three days we had a warm spell - 40 F at night with 5/8 of an inch of rain.  The rain helped thaw the pipes, water pressure returned, and we had hot water!!!!!

We did see 4 Montezuma's Quail on New Year's Day about 2 miles South of the Walker House.  My digital camera card was full, Jackie's Canon decided to eat two rolls of film and lose its brains, consequently, we only got a single picture:

 Winston took Sundance up to the Onion Saddle to play in the snow.
Heading North on South Turkey Creek Road 0830 1 Jan 2004
Going up.....South Turkey Creek Road
The Fog is Lifting
Road to Rustler Park - a No Go!
At the Top!
The Hilltop Mine Trail
Jackie's Rig -  aka "Blackie"
Looking down the Rustler Park Road
Heading down the Mountain - Fog Lifting
Heading down the Mountain - "Back" of Silver Peak to Left